Tipping daycare workers at Christmas?

  1. My 5 month old daughter is in daycare 4 half days a week. The ladies who take care of the babies are wonderful. She is always happy to be dropped off, and is usually smiling when I return. They keep her clean, fed, stimulated and have given me good advice (both are experienced mothers).

    Since this is my first daycare experience, do you tip the ladies at XMas or do you give them a gift? If you tip, how much do you give?

    Would something like a Target gift card be good?

    Originally I was thinking 50 each, but some of my friends (who do not have to put their babies in daycare) think money isn't appropriate. Then, I was thinking 50 each in a Vera Bradley Hipster or Coach wristlet, but DH said that would be too much money (around 100 total each).

    Thoughts are appreciated!
  2. I would like to know the answer to this question as well! I figure that cash would be inappropriate...ideas, please, people???
  3. Hmmm I dunno, I used to work in Daycare and none of us were ever tipped. I think it's a lovely idea, but I don't think you need to be that extravagent. I would maybe bring in chocolates for everyone, or something like that.
  4. I should add that there are 2 regular ladies in the baby room. Those are the ladies I would consider tipping or gifting. There are a few others who rotate in the room when extra help is needed.
  5. I think a nice box of Belgian chocolates for each of them would be appropriate :yes:

    And, yes I agree with some extra goodies (chocolate or cookies) for everydoby so they could share it in their free time (do they have such a thing? when it's nap time, maybe)
  6. People give tips to daycare people here in NY. I see it done all the time. Especially in your case where you are only talking about 2 women-yes, I would give them money and give them each the same amount.

    As for your husband saying $100 is too much ($50 each?)-come on! These women take care of your child~! I don't think it is too much at all. Boxes of chocolate for the people who rotate in and out of the room is fine-but, for the people who spend every day taking care of your child? Yes, they deserve a tip or a bonus.

    it always gets me to see how people are willing to spend tons here and there but when it comes to things like this-especially with people who are taking care of your child, they all of a sudden tighten up the purse strings . (and, yes, I work in this field)
  7. We give Target gift cards. There are 5 teachers in one room and 3 in the other so we give $25 each. I also give one to the woman who works the main desk.

    I would give money or gift cards. It may only be my area but daycare providers are paid squat. Money is good.
  8. No, he was saying 100 each would be too much, but thought 50 each might be OK. Just FYI, he isn't cheap...he brings them lunch or treats (chocolates, candies) each week. He just doesn't have an idea of what would be considered appropriate and neither do I!

    Maybe I'll do 75 each...I think that would be 1 day wages. I am in SW Florida, so the payscale is quite a bit lower than in NY.
  9. I think that giving daycare providers a gift card would be more appropriate than giving cash for the holidays, which I associate more with house cleaners, gardeners, doormen, etc.
  10. This was my thought as well.

  11. Oh-ok-I thought he was saying that $50 per was too much.
  12. Personally I would give $100. I also think cash is totally approriate. In a lovely card thanking them for taking such good care of your sweetie pie, how grateful you are for them.
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  14. I have two babysitters that were formerly my son's daycare teachers. While he was at the daycare, I would bring in chocolates or snacks whenever there was a holiday. Now we give them extra money here and there.

    Maybe it's a cultural thing, but I think cash is the perfect gift card. It's like a bonus. While a small designer purse or expensive personal gift is extremely nice, I know for my sitters, at least, they would rather put that money into other use.

    For Thanksgiving we gave each $100 and for Xmas we're giving $150 each. It's a lot, but a little more keeps everyone happy... and yeah, it's just a little LESS spending on myself this year.

    And I'm in Cleveland OH
  15. If you don't want to flat out give cash, then when you go to write the check for their services slip in the extra $100 into the check amount and when you had it to them, just say, "a little something for the holidays" :] plus a card??