Tip to preserve the interior suede lining of your BV

  1. Hi all,

    If any of you have tips on how to preserve the condition of your bag in pristine condition, do share so that our successors/kids can inherit perfect vintage BVs in the years to come!

    Here is my tip - line your BV bags with a laundry bag (the type you get from your hotel room), and then put your wallet, keys, cosmetics etc into the laundry bag. This way, the interior suede never gets dirty, and you can transfer from one handbag to another easily by just lifting the laundry bag and chucking the whole thing into another bag! No fear of pen leaks or lipstick falling apart and staining the interior of the bag anymore.
  2. I don't know if this really preserves the suede, but every so often I empty my bag and go over the suede with a lint roller (with the sticky paper) to pick up all the crumbs, cat hair, and other crud that accumulates in by bag (a Martha Stewart tip). I don't have much of a problem with stains since I keep all my makeup in a case and don't carry pens in my bag.
  3. Good idea Minda. I may do that before I can think of something else. I have to find something that fit in perfectly so I won't feel it doesn't belong there if you know what I mean.
  4. what i do is that i use those purse organisers that i got from muji.
  5. I use a purse organiser too (from happybags)
  6. I'm really anal and don't put anything that might wreck the lining in the bag. I use a cosmetic case for makeup and always have pens in a small pen case.
  7. I'm too scared to put anything that could even remotely mark the suede into my BVs in the first place!
  8. I tend to have crumbs in my bag, even for new bags on first usage, and I have no idea how they got there.:confused1:
  9. well I have an old FENDI SELLERIA doctor bag with a beige suede lining..no, I should say was once beige just like BV's, and I think that my black wallet could have darkened the lining by rubbing on it. But seriously, I think that this can happen with major usage from checkbooks , keys , etc. etc. So since that bag, I have lined all bags that have suede interiors with the shoe dustbags or dustbags from handbags.. I have found that it also helps to keep the shape of the bag, as well as preserving the suede.. However, it is not always easy to keep everything straight and every few days it takes some rearranging. This is somewhat of a nuisance and a lot of people would never bother. My daughter says.."just use the bag". ha! She doesn't understand..
  10. I keep most of my items in pouches so small goopy things don't have a chance to touch the lining. I also never put a newspaper, magazine or printed surfaces inside or in contact with the suede, nor bottles - even room temperature - not worth the risk!
  11. I love bags with no lining too, and have found that I like to place a scarf inside the bag to protect the suede. (Can be easily washed and changed to match mood.)
  12. I keep everything in pouches. Such a good excuse to buy BV cosmetic bags!
    I don't cover the suede - it's there to be touched and enjoyed!
    Here's a photo of my chevre ottone cabat with pouches.
  13. That's a good idea to use the sticky lint roller. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Kind of related, but in case you do get a stray stain or smudge inside, I use alcohol-free baby wipes to clean. It's so gentle but does pick up any dirt.
  15. I will try hard to keep the lining clean. I'm not a super careful person, however -- and I do love to tote pens around!