Tip of the sole worn out

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Do the tips of your pointy shoes get scratched and worn out easily? Does anybody have tips on how to prevent that? Does anything like oversoles for the tips exist? Thanks!!!
  2. I have that problem with one of my Jimmy Choos. It is one of my favorites to put in rotation, so the scruffing is more prominent as compared to my other shoes. I have not done anything with them yet. You can try checking with a cobbler to see what they can do.

  3. Thanks LavenderIce. It is actually my Choos the ones that have that problem. My Prada shoes and others came with a tiny triangular rubbery thing on the tip of the sole. I'll take them to Pasquale and see if they can replicate that. I hate those black rubbery soles on my shoes.
  4. My cobbler recently put new leather tips on my CL mary jane's, and they look great - of course, the sole was worn, so the leather color matches the worn color. You need to have a top-notch cobbler to do this, though. If I get around to it, I'll post a pic over the weekend
  5. This happened to my CL Veee pumps but I have not done anything to them because I have not found a perfect cobbler. Its a shame on how hard it is to find one.
  6. This only happens to me on some my shoes, but I put "caps" or "taps" on those that start wearing out. Any cobbler can put them on.
  7. Thank you! I know Pasquale here in LA. Any other good cobblers to recommend?
  8. they can put rubber on the bottom of the soles or just the toe. I put rubber on all of my shoes because it makes them last longer. Arturo on little santa monica in BH is wonderful. For some reason I drew a blank and I cannot remember the name of his shop? Anyways it is 2 blocks west of rodeo on little santa monica on the north side of the street!!

  9. Thanks so much!! It's closer and I can walk there. I will give him a try. I think I have seen the place.
  10. I've had either leather tips or rubber tips put on by my cobbler for my Manolos and JCs... no problems with the replacement.
  11. Do you replece them when the shoes are still new? or when they are already worn out?
  12. I've done it either way and the results are the same. Doing them when the shoes are still new gives you confidence that your shoe is protected. After they are worn out adds extra life to your shoe. Either way you're extending the life of the shoe.
  13. Stinas! You're in Greece! I can't imagine it'll be hard to find a cobbler, with all the magical leatherworkers there! Are you in Athens? I can dig up the gentlemen I used when I lived there.