Tip from Dillard's SA - extra % off sale items on Wed January 30th!!

  1. Happy shopping everyone!!
  2. No fair! I want a Dillards :p
  3. YAY! Thanks you!
  4. what is the % off? like 20 or 30?
    thanks girlie
  5. OMG! Whoo whoo! I know where I'm going Wednesday morning!

    Thanks so much for the heads up! yay! :yahoo:
  6. Wow do you think it will be on Coach?
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:^^^maybe that was a stupid question?
  8. should be :yes:. I live in AZ and the extra % off always includes Coach products, even shoes!
  9. Omg thanks for the heads up hopefully i won't work on Wednesday
  10. called dillards and they didn't know anything about it for purses :sad: Any additional info? Any idea how much off it will be? I have a 2 hr drive to get to it, so I need to make sure it'll be worth it. Thanks
  11. I was at Dillard's today, and the SA in Coach shoes said I was the second person who had asked him about this. He said it could be a good possibility, but he wouldn't know for sure until the day before.
  12. They always say they don't know, but it always happens, and it WILL include Coach products. Yay! Something to look forward to mid-week!!
  13. Hopefully there is some good stuff to used my gift cards on! Now only if my Dillards carried Coach shoes...grr!
    : )
  14. omg, this would be awesome! I was just in Dillards today looking at the purses too!!
  15. It WILL include Coach and is usually an extra 30% or 33% off (they did a big extra 50% off on New Years Day).