Tip for Transporting Frozen Breastmilk

  1. I'm back at work and having to express milk again. My days are too long for the Medela cooler or even the fridge-to-go. I was starting to get frustrated when I remembered I had bought a large and a small Polar Bear soft-sided cooler a few years ago. These things are incredible!

    When we moved from NYC to Manila my son was only 7 months old and still nursing. I had a freezer full of breastmilk and really didn't want to throw it out. I bought the large cooler, used the recommended amount of dry ice, packed the milk, and took it on a 24-hr flight (checked it in!). We were in transit for about 28 hours all together and I didn't lose a single bag of breastmilk! Everything was still frozen when we arrived:tup:

    Just thought I'd share in case anyone needs the information...
  2. That's great to know- I used the Medela cooler the whole I was pumping at work, and I was so worried about it that I kept it in the fridge just in case, because I was worried the ice pack wouldn't be enough. Maybe I should go check one of those out this next time around!
  3. wow! that is really good to know..isn't it soo stressfull worrying about the milk? i kept crying everytime i spilled some in those little bags because it took so much time to just get a few ounces! hahaa
  4. I suggest the MEDELA cooler.
  5. thank you so much for the suggestion. i was having major headache on how to transport my breastmilk when I go visit Asia for 2 months this year.

    how did u find out how much dry ice to pack?
  6. Hi Catabie, the manufacturer of the cooler has recommendations for the amount of dry ice with regard to the amount of liquid that needs to be kept frozen. I believe I filled almost half the cooler with dry ice. Since the milk was stored in bags I was able to use all the space. Must've brought 40 bags or so with me.