Tip for Pencil/Kohl Liners (maybe just news to me!)

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  1. I was at Nordstrom the other day, talking to a MAC SA. I had purchased the Teddy Eye Kohl from the BBR line, and as much as I love the color and the way it glides on the back of my hand, it really tugs at my eyelids - I tried to use it once and gave up. I'm so used to using a brush to apply eyeliner that I seem to have forgotten my pencil technique!

    She suggested that I rub an angled brush on the pencil, and then apply my eye kohl with the brush! Genius!!! Am I the only one who didn't know about this???

    This morning, I picked up my new 214 Short Shader Brush, smudged it across the tip of my Teddy Eye Kohl, and then applied it to my lower lashline. Instant smokey smudged eyeliner! Love this! (I still used my fluidline on the top lashline, though, because I wasn't sure how to do the upper, outer corners with the 214 brush and didn't really have time to play!)

    Anyway, hope this helps!
  2. I love my Teddy Eye Kohl AND my 214 brush, but have never did it like that!!! Thanks, illinirdhd! You're making me more of a MAC addict today than EVER!!!
  3. I didn't know about it either! I MUST try this!!! Thanks for the tip!!!
  4. Those Nordies MUA's sure know their stuff! I didn't know this until recently. I thought it was common knowledge and I was the n00b. :P
  5. Thats what I do! :biggrin:
  6. Never thought of that! I don't really have trouble with pencils tugging, but I find this an interesting idea and will try it tomorrow!
  7. Thanks for the tip. I will try this. I was just about to return teddy because of the same reason.
  8. that's smart. :smile:
    i kind of do the same thing with a brow brush or clean mascara spoolie + eyebrow pencil so it's very natural looking and pretty foolproof