Tiny wrist- any thoughts for bracelets?

  1. I have a very small wrist-about 6" inches. In fact, my petite 11 year old daughter has a bigger wrist than me. Does anyone have any thoughts of cuff or unqiue style bracelets that run small?
  2. I have tiny wrists as well - same size as yours. I wear a Tiffany tag bracelet that I had sized. They removed 3 links for me - and while it's still big (I didn't want it to be to-my-arm tight), it doesn't fall off by itself.
  3. maxaluna50 -

    What are you looking for in a cuff? Passerby posted some great examples. If you want a metal cuff, you can generally tighten them around your wrist if they are not extremely domed. If you find that they are too large, most silversmiths will make a custom size for you - you would just need to ask. Same goes for, let's say, a more "beaded" or "wire" look. :smile:
  4. hmmm, my writst is just shy of 5 inches around......I really can't by any bracelet withouth having it worked on. I do have one tiffany cuff that they were able to squeeze closed to fit but it's not a wide cuff, only about an inch wide. Other than that I like to buy childrens bracelets, I have a cute Christian Dior and always look at the David Yurman childrens but haven't gotten one yet.....
  5. Wear a cuff if your arms are thin or proportional. If you have tiny wrists but bigger arms, a cuff is going to make your arm look more chunky, so a delicate bracelet would be better. Look at "What you wear can change your life" (book) for tips on jewelry proportion for different size people.
  6. My wrists are 5 1/4" so i feel your pain! It's so hard finding bracelets! I usually just end up pushing them all the way up my arm till they just stay there! hehe

    I've found that most of the bracelets they sell at Kitson fit okay (except for the bangles of course).. especially the red string ones you've seen Nicole Richie wearing. The Vita bangles also aren't bad!

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