Jan 25, 2006
I am a tiny woman, 100 lbs, 5'1 but a full 34D! I am looking to go bra shopping for the spring. I need bra's for the summer and I need to find a great strapless bra. I have elle macpherson lace bra with side boning! I love it. I have recently heard of fayreform, anyone use it. Can someone recommend some greaaat bra's for a woman like me.
hey minnie
arent you the lucky one???!!! my friends who are quite lucky wear fayeform - or however you spell it... this label is totally for the lucky women, and they find the bras to be great.
good luck and have fun shopping!
i don't know about lucky. :smile:

my sister used to be bigger than that before her surgery a couple of months ago (34DD/36E and still falling out). whenever she had to wear a strapless she would buy one with lots of boning then duct tape it. worked well.

i am a 36D and tried on some from victoria's secret that would have been perfect without the padding. i thin it was the convertable one. i looked like a porn star. :smile: but it might work for you. i've also always found the ladies at the nordies lingerie department VERY helpful.
Minnie! I can totallyyyyy relate....and i am also a 34D...I have been trying to find the "right" bra for AGES! to this point, i have not found a perfect fit...maybe im just too picky

btw, have you noticed that 34D is always the hardest size to find??
Minnie said:
I hate them, ugh. They aren't friends by chose, my like BIG SISTERS you want to move out of the house.


I can't relate with ya Minnie..but THAT WAS FUNNY.. let's just say I have little sisters after losing all of my weight...:shame: