tiny white oily bumps underneath eyes..!

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  1. does anyone have that? they are tiny tiny tiny but still visible when i look into the mirror. :yucky: anyone have good suggestions on how to get rid of them? they are not pimples and have stayed there for a while and i have to avoid eye cream all together b'c every time i apply eye cream, more appear.

  2. from what you're describing it sounds like under eye milia caused by your eye cream-i'd definitely try switching to another brand that's perhaps less greasy/heavy :tup:.
  3. i have it sometimes too when i overdose on eye cream :p. when i have it i'll either using that eye cream or at least cut down the quantity per use and the frequency (e.g. apply once in morning vs twice daily in morning & night). also maybe switch to eye gel instead for future eye care product, cream are generally more oily than gel.
  4. I have one (milia) under each eye. I asked the dermatologist if he could remove them, but he didn't want to chance it since they are so close to the eye.
  5. I sometimes have those, but don't worry they are a snap to get rid of! Just get a damp washcloth and heat it up in the microwave until its really hot (but not so hot where it's going to actually burn you!). Set it over your eye until it's no longer hot. Watching TV at night is a great time to do this! When the washcloth is cool, just heat it up and repeat! It softens up the milia (which is like hardened oil and stuff inside your pore). It will disappear on its own literally over night! If it doesn't, just keep repeating and it will be gone within a week. Good luck!
  6. ^OMG! THANK YOU! I,too, have millia! Those little suckers are annoying!
  7. What eye cream will not cause those?
  8. I had a problem with eye creams giving me millia. It was terrible. I found some great eye cream and serum that doesn't give me millia and it also got rid of what I had.

    I use Ice Elements Radiance IlluminEYES Serum every day, twice a day, and Ice Elements Rejuvenate Eye Cream at night over the serum for extra moisture.

    Ice elements can be found on HSN.
  9. I heard that it's because there's protein under the skin, but no pores so it can't come out. I've also heard that it can be caused by sun exposure. I never heard that creams can cause it, but I've heard that irritating products can make it worse :shrugs:
  10. I found this on a sin care website...


    Milia are deep seeded white bumps that form when skin cells and sebaceous matter become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. Milia can occur anywhere on the skin and are prone around eye area and cheeks. As the surface is worn away, the tiny white bumps) may resolve on its own. Far too often, though, intervention to remove the cyst (white bump) through extractions using a lancet may offer more rapid resolution. Best done by a professional!!!! Exfoliation can go a long way in helping deal with milia prone skin. By keeping the epidermis thin and smooth, you can cut down on their formation. By mentioning exfoliation, I'm not talking about scrubbing off the top layer of your skin! One way is to use a gentle exfoliating scrub 1-2 times a week another is to undergo a periodic series of gentle peels and/or using aha (alpha hydroxy acid) or beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) creams at home and regular use of clay masks can help remove unwanted surface debris and cleanse the pores.

    Milia can be caused by:

    - Heavy Skin Care Products: The most common reason for milia is applying to your skin heavy skin care products not suited for your skin type or poor quality product.
    They may prevent the sloughing of dead epidermal skin cells. I find that many moisturisers with sunscreens or heavy sunscreens are culprits to this problem. The eyelids are very thin and more likely to experience problems with milia due to cosmetics. Re-evaluate your eye cream, make-up and eyelid make-up remover if you are finding this to be a concern.

    - Sun Exposure: Due to sun exposure skin forms a thicker epidermis and thicker skin makes for more road blocks in the pathway to exfoliation. This is where peels (glycolic,pumpkin, bha or other) really make a difference! This is another reason why I do recommend to use aha creams after the summer months!

    - Or maybe you just have the type of skin which has the inability to exfoliate itself properly!

    * Just a note. I never had milia until I started using some eye creams from Burt's Bees a few years ago. When I started getting them I looked up what it was and when I saw that it was the cream doing it I stopped using it (I never go in the sun, so I knew it wasn't sun problems).

    After that I tried many different eye creams but they all were too heavy for my eye area. About a year ago I started using the Ice Elements after it was recommended for people who have milia problems, and it's worked great!
  11. I used to get these to, but I have found using a good exfoliator works great! Just be careful not to get it in your eyes, that will hurt!