Tiny veins of face!

  1. Hello All,
    Do you have this problem and what do you do about it. After turning 37 and having a baby, I noticed tiny little red veins on my face and I don't know what happen. Does anyone know how to get rid of these? Does anyone know of a good brand of concealer that doesn't fade and last a long time? Please help:confused1:
  2. The only way to permanently get rid of them is laser therapy. For concealers, experiment with MAC's selection. THey have lotsa varieties there.
  3. Yep I have them (I am only 26) and I get IPL (laser) treatment. It is the only thing that works!
  4. this is broken capillaries i believe. There's no skincare regimen to help... just surgery & concealer
  5. The Laser therapy is that done at a dermatoligist office? Does it hurt and how long does it take to recover?
  6. I've had it done a few times...my veins were very stubborn. It felt like a rubber band snapping, that's all. I wouldn't say it hurt really, and it was over in a split second. There was no recovery time for me at all.
  7. since those varicose veins tend to be red/pink, you can probably use yellow color based concealer for better & natural looking coverage. unless with laser treatment, i have no idea how it could be reduced or removed completely, but you can always try to prevent it from getting worse - along with many others, spicy food, heavy alcohol comsumtion, chronic sun exposure and stress are all major cause of this symtom. also, if you love steaming your face during facial, you might need to be careful not to overdone it, though.
  8. Try 'Elicina' - you can get it on eBay for some good prices. It's made from the slime of snails - gross, I know. But it really works on skin problems that other things don't work on -- especially any redness =)
  9. Laser is the way to go. I actually have to say I think its the most painful treatment you can receive. Find a doctor that has a an external cooling machine too. That will help with the pain. you should see results very quickly. Most people need 3-5 treatments. PM for more info as I have a spa and do veins daily.
  10. Either laser or IPL (which technically isn't laser, is it?)

    It's expensive and hurts for the moment that you feel the snap, but it works. A cream isn't going to get rid of them. And you'll probably get more in years to come, so do some now.
  11. I've always had these darn veins on my face as long as I can remember and I've noticed that it's increased over the years. Heh, I just ignore them now.
  12. Ahhhh Jayne1 - a fellow science geek, perhaps? You are correct IPL is indeed not technically considered a laser. Laser light by definition is coherent radiation. IPL is not coherent.

    Wiki info on IPL

    Now kcf68 :back2topic: If you cannot get IPL for your broken capillaries, try the Cle de Peau brand of concealer. I've heard about this magical stuff for a while. It is sold at Barneys locally, so I went there to try some out. Seeing as how it is $68 for a tube, I wanted to make sure it would do the trick and disguise rosacea and blemishes. I also have some broken capillaries. Wow, this Cle de Peau is amazing and did not cake. I am going to buy a tube. I have certainly spent that much on make-up that I rarely used.
  13. Supposedly Vitamin K can help, but I'm sure it wouldn't be as effective as IPL. I have the same problem as you, and my dermatologist told me to avoid drastic changes in temperature and not to use too-hot water when bathing/washing the face.
  14. Thank you for the info, jburgh!

    kcf68, I can see covering up a few veins with make-up, but once it gets to a certain point, I'd rather get them removed and wear no foundation.
  15. The condition is called telangiectasia (tuh-lan-zjek-taziuh) and those aren't broken, but stretched/dialated blood vessels.

    Laser will help, and a green-based concealer under your foundation will help.

    If you like mineral makeup, Alima does an amazing green powder that you can apply under your mineral powder. Really makes a difference, and is so gentle on your skin.