Tiny treats!!!

  1. Picked up a couple of small goodies yesterday:
    • Transparent Inclusion PM Bracelet (also posted in Inclusion Club)
    • Baxter Collar PM for our little guy!
    Transparent PM.JPG Baxter collar PM.JPG Baxter Collar.JPG
  2. OMG I love the collar, looks so adorable.
  3. Awe - so cute!

    Can you do a modeling pic of the Inclusion? I am getting tempted to pic one up.
  4. Cute!!!
  5. Sooo cute!!!! :nuts: Congrats!!
  6. Oh sooo pretty and your pooch is adorable ~ Congrats!!
  7. awwww your dogs a sweetie!
  8. Both are cute :smile:
  9. Nice...and what a cutie of a dog! :smile:
  10. my doggie has the same collar. so cute, congrats!!
  11. Oooh cute! Congrats
  12. Cute!!
  13. love the collar and the dog!
  14. too cute!
  15. Love the inclusion bracelet! And your puppy and his new collar are super cute too!