tiny snippet of info on scarves...

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  1. It takes a studio of 20 freelance designers about 2 years to complete a Hermès scarf from design concept, engraving and printing to the hand finishing process. Every scarf tells a unique story. Each scarf contains 65 grams of silk from approximately 250 cocoons, 90 centimetres square.
  2. Oh how interesting Kristie! I love learning anything about Hermes...thanks!:smile:
  3. I'd like to add a bit more. Hermes flies the artist to the location that is to be the subject. The ladies who roll the scarves are called rouletesses. On average, each scarf will have at least 5 different colors on it. If ever you find a scarf with a large single letter off to one side, that is the mark of one of the more experienced rouletesses.
  4. ^oh HG!! Excellent!! I LOVE Hermes trivia...i could read all day.........HG can you please explain what you mean by the letter being off to one side, I'm not sure I understand......now I have to go and check all my scarves.......cool!!!!!!!
  5. Hi Kristie,

    on some scarves wiht the long caretag you sometimes have an A, B, C, D, E or also a number on both sides of the caretag. That's waht HG is talking about.
  6. Thanks C!! I've been collecting them for some time and NEVER knew that!! Great info girls!!
  7. Kristie, I'll try looking for a picture for you. BTW, I'm big on trivia (don't play against me on Trivial Pursuit). I guess that's what got me started on Hermes. There's just so much Hermes arcania out there.
  8. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I HAVE THIS!!!! On my Grands Fonds Detail scarf!!!!!!! How exciting!!

    HG, I thought I was pretty good at Trivial Pursuit, but with a momory like yours I would NEVER go against you!! I would however want you on my team for TEAM Trivial Pursuit!!!!

    Bloody Hell, I'm excited........halfway through my scarves......gotta keep looking........

    Hey, can it be a letter M in a black square (embriodered) off to the side on the tag??......just found one like that.....

    cancel that, it's an M, NOT in a black square (I was looking at the wrong side of the tag:shame: :shame: :shame: ).
  9. THIS is why I love Hermes, too.....is there another brand with so much attention to detail? So many little "quirks"? Who would have thought - it's just like the blindstamps on the bags........cooooool!!!!!
  10. Hey, you want to know something funny? My Grands Fonds DOES seem much neater (the edges) than the others.........
  11. HG - tell me more!!! I can't get enough!!!!
  12. Whoohoo - found another one!!!! This is TOO cool!!
  13. We've already discussed the waterproof scarves. I'm trying to get more info on that. Apparently they weren't such a hit. The finish didn't let them knot well and they were expensive. $450 vs. $250 (at the time) for regular scarves.

    The sizing was stiffer between 1998-2001. It kept the scarves cleaner but they also did not knot well.

    The only American to design scarves is Kermit Oliver. He hates to fly and the higher ups at Hermes had to fly to him in Texas. He's, I believe, a postmaster general in his Texas town.

    Maurice Dumas once said that his scarves were so beautiful that even the backs had to be seen. Hence, the reason the scarves are hemmed toward the front.

    First scarf sold by Hermes was Jeu de Omnibus et Dames Blanche by Hugo Grykgar in 1937.

    Highest number of colors in a scarf is 35. There have been occasional monochromatic scarves, these are rare.
  14. One of these days I'll photograph the NYC store. On the top of the store is a horse and rider. He is waving 2 "flags". If you look closely, these are actually scarves which are changed periodically.