Tiny Shiny Crocodile...

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  1. ...Well, actualy it's gator :P, but anyway; it was too cute to pass. It reminds me of those pretty little antique thingy's my grandmother used to collect which were not very practical but just so nice to look at. What could it be? (I'll make it quick)

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  2. Can't wait to see.....
  3. Waiting with bated breath
  4. ...It's a small agenda (very small indeed; about 8-10 cm) with a silver pen/chain. I just couldn't resist this exquisite little thing! :biggrin:

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  5. oooh - that IS exquisite!! Congrats tae!!
  6. It's a beauty. It would make me smile every time I pulled it out. I hope it makes you smile a lot.
  7. Thanks bagmad73!!

    SpecialK12: Yes it certainly puts a smile on my face :biggrin:, I think it's just too cute!
  8. too cute! i love how the pen is attached as well
  9. Very elegant! Enjoy using it, it adds such chic to mundane tasks doesn't it!
  10. pinkandgreen; thank you so much! The silver chain was optional (; it was ofcourse cheaper without it :P), but it really adds something special, I think!

    periogirl28; Yes, it gives making appointments a very glamorous touch (even the dentist's :biggrin:)
  11. TAE.................Beautiful agenda.....and I love the little chain and pen with it!:woohoo:

  12. Oh that is stunning!! That will make you smile everytime you use it and the pen and chain is soo pretty!!
  13. Thanks tillie46! And also for resizing it for me! :smile:
  14. Thanks Luva Pug; I also think the chain really does it!
  15. Stunning!! Super luxurious!! Every time you use that it should make you feel like a million $$$$!! :tup::tup: