tiny question from Hermes about-to-be newbie

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  1. Hi ladies!! I was wondering, does the white Birkin come with both gold and silver hardware, and logo? could not find it in reference library... many many thanks....my Chanel obsession is becoming one of the H, may the deal Lord help me!! lol

  2. Yes it does.
  3. Yes, the gold hw will come with a gold stamp (logo) and vice versa.
  4. And Birkins and Kellys are sooooooo fabulous in white...........and I love them with GH
  5. Claudia,

    Welcome to the orange side. You will (most likely) never go back. Your bank account will go into cardiac arrest. But as you carry your bags, you will rock them with confidence. White birkin with GHW. TDF.
  6. yes they are both perfect but if i were you i have to say i would go for white with gold hardware because you know it helps the bag define its apperance more because you can see the gold more on white on the other hand PHW is very clean and it makes the bag much more under the radar hope it helps birkel