tiny obsession of missframton

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  1. Actually to be honest, balenciaga did not do much for me. Until last year (im a slow learner). I have a very week spot for the matelassé, wich I find fantastic. (uuh getting an aquamarine next week):yahoo:
    Well. bagcollection is small,- nevertheless - i Love it, although I am having a problem with miss frech blue GGH as the GGH is very bling bling IMO and does maybe take a bit of getting used to.

    Matelasse 07 black
    City french blue GGH 07
    city Vermillion Red 07
    Matelasse 07 Jaune

    well, waiting for the aquamarine:smile:

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  2. Very nice collection! I personally love the city french blue GGH!
  3. yees, the matelasse:yahoo:Love them both!
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    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    this is also a weak spot. the fendi baby.

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  5. Nice collection! Cute Fendis too!
  6. thank you for your compliments.:flowers:
  7. Gorgeous colors! I especially love the shade on your jaune matelasse and the baby fendi on the right (kind of honey color). Beautiful!
  8. Loooove your baby fendis!
  9. You have a lovely collection ! :yes:


  10. wow a rainbow of pretty balenciagas!
  11. thank you. I cant wait til the aquamarine matelasse arrives on monday. After that im on a nasty little ban
  12. Your bags are gorgeous!
  13. I love your collection!
  14. I love your little bag families! Especially the red Bal and both Fendis!
  15. great collection!!