Tiny LV

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  3. omg they r so cute! r they r from october 05'? cos i really want one now :sad:
  4. They're cute aren't they ?

    But the markup on them on eBay is outrageous !!

    The mini alma keychains are also adorable !
  5. ^^ Ditto. So adorable, though.
  6. they are so cute!
  7. awww so cute!!!!
  8. they are sooo cute!:biggrin:
  9. Great pics Jason! Cute LVs!
  10. They're so cute!
  11. wow! too bad they're marked up high on ebay...those are darling.
  12. very cute? where can you buy those?? only on ebay?
  13. ^ they were only available at the Champs Elysees grand reopening. There's been some conflict on whether they were free or whether you had to purchase them.

    They're only available on ebay now =(
  14. They are sooooooooooo cute!!!! :love:
    But Ebay is almost the "forbidden" territory for me... the markups are awful!!! :mad:
    Tks for the pics!!! :biggrin:
  15. They are so cute:biggrin: