Tiny little pull in Twill Silk !

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    I have just discovered I pure horror that one of my gavroches has a tiny little pull. It's barely visible but One of the things I love about H is the "perfection", lol .
    Do any of you that wear their scarfs a lot experience this or is it something I am doing wrong ? I am extremely careful with my silks as they are very expensive for me.
    Any advise would be greatly apreciated 💚
  2. The sad pull 😒

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  3. My advice is to not think of pull and stains as "damage" but rather signs of character or beauty marks. Many of us worry about the inevitable "first scratch" on our leather goods or jewelry, and perhaps the first "pull" on silks. It gets easier after that little milestone.

    I would be careful when wearing rings, earrings or bracelets with thin prongs that may snag on the scarf.

    Otherwise, if you're scrutinizing your silks this closely for signs of wear and feel anxious about wearing your items, perhaps you're better off framing your more expensive Hermes scarves and buying cheaper scarves you can wear without pause.

  4. Agree with roy40...use your beautiful silk and be happy. I use my twilly for the purpose of protecting the handles, thus I expect some signs of usage.

    I also would like to add if budget allows, for your favorite HG pattern(s) just buy one to use and another one for "collection" if you really worry about the pulls or stains.
  5. It's unavoidable , even with care these things happen ,and if such a tiny pull bothers you I'm afraid you'll find larger ones really distressing!
    It's a feature of natural fibres. Try to relax and find beauty from the way your silk looks when worn .
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    This can happen on anything. This winter I got a pull on a silk scarf when I hung it over a fur coat hanger while deciding what to wear. You can try gently massaging along the line of the pull. Securely hold each end of the pull just past where you can make out the change in the weave. Then pull diagonally up and down. You are trying to massage the little loop back into line with the rest of the yarn. Keep well away from the actual pull and less is definitely more in theses situations. You can always go back and try again.

    You can try taking your scarf back to your SA, some of these ladies have phenomenal skills and may be able to show you what I tried to describe.

    Life happens but I try to make sure nothing I'm wearing has a sharp edge. When I take if my scarves when out they get a quick roll up & into a ziplock Baggie. Putting them straight into a purse or pocket has proved hazardous.

    Good luck, and let us know how it works out.
  7. I agree with everyone above, Lepetitplaisir. This too shall pass. It's barely noticeable, I'd just leave it alone and you'll forget it's there. I am rather persnickety myself, and the first one is always the hardest. I actually bought one scarf with an acknowledged pull already there once! It was a hard one to find and so I did it, and do you know? I don't even notice it anymore, and believe me it is much much worse than yours. Wear and enjoy, and relax. Soon enough you'll get your first stain, and you'll get it out, and you'll realize "no big deal." And before you know it, you'll be like me, at dinner, wearing your very first CSGM and even after having taken friendly advice and ensuring you wore no jewelry that could snag, guess what? You snag a thread on the rolled hem during the fish course, and you calmly just pull it back. Good as new, or almost and it matters not.

    I promise, you'll see....
  8. Darling, nothing from anybody is "perfect". I hope you get to enjoy your H, especially they come with a price, its a price for you to enjoy them more so.
  9. Thanks everyone...I guess I am ok with it if that's just the way it is with silk and it happens to everyone. I am very careful and that surprised me to have this happened. Ideally I would buy 2 of each ... One to wear and one to keep in its box, lol !