Tiny jewelry reveal

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  1. Thank you Sonya! Your beautiful jewelry inspired me!
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  2. This ring is still available in some stores. I love it. Does anyone own it? How comfortable is it? No price is listed. Perhaps someone knows the price.
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  3. Don’t know about comfort as it’s 5 rings held together with small rings but it’s $603 on farfetch.
  4. I love it but I can't see how that can possibly be comfortable...
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  5. Jewelry collection update!
    My partner has scored for me the ring I liked months back in the boutique.
    It’s a perfect jewelry piece for evenings and concerts. Will use it today at my concert in Danish embassy:smile:
    It seems to be a part of Supernova collection.

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  6. This is gorgeous on you! I haven't seen this collection, so thanks for the photos. What a terrific gift. It's really stunning for events. Enjoy wearing it tonight!
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  7. Fabulous!
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  8. Thank you:nuts:

    Really happy with it!
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  9. Update: I have this ring and I would size up if you buy it. Each individual ring fits by itself (even with the small rings attached). The issue is the width when all rings are stacked together. On me the width makes it come up to a wider part of my finger. I can wear it but I might have my jeweler separate it into 2 rings.