Tiny jewelry reveal

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  1. What a gorgeous ring and family portrait! There is a futuristic feel about this collection. Timeless pieces definitely.
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  2. :yahoo:
    Thank you! I am enjoying so much these pieces.:hbeat:
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  3. Just ordered this ring from the BV website! I hope it fits and I hope it feels good on my finger, cause I absolutely LOVE the way it looks! It is soooooo Bottega:love:. Plus it was on sale:happydance:

    BV ring.jpeg
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  4. You'll love it! I have it and wear it all the time.
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  5. I hope I am not hijacking this thread by posting my ring! I love the design! The three "ropes" have special meaning for me. Fits a bit loose on my left ring finger but fits perfectly on my right index finger. What do you ladies think? IMG_0201.jpg IMG_0199.jpg
  6. I love it :heart:
  7. Thank you:flowers:
  8. Very nice, especially nice that it has meaning!
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  9. Sonya, although I prefer white metals, I like all of these items, and especially the ring you have. I'd have a hard time deciding. BTW, is that a picture of the Piazza Navona in Rome?
  10. I’ve tried this on and it’s beautiful. Unfortunately I am in between sizes. Hope you love yours.
  11. Looks fabulous!
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  13. Right! It is piazza Navona:yes:
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  14. It looks amazing on you!!
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