Tiny jewelry reveal

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  1. Love those! I wish I had a neck and could wear long earrings....
  2. Great deal and they look so beautiful!
  3. I feel so!:yes:

    They have a right weight, I think. Not too heavy but I feel them on. It’s a pleasant sensation, and when I return home after a day out I don’t feel any pain or discomfort (sorry for my english)
    About modeling pics: yep, I will do it in a couple of days!

    Thank you!:blush:

    Maybe you have to know that BV had some similar style but with one cube only! I saw it! Very beautiful too.

    Thank you so!:love:
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  4. Excellent deal on a gorgeous pair of earrings. I haven’t seen this style before, but now I’m going to have to look out for them. Enjoy yours!
  5. How long are the earrings? I’m thinking about buying them.
  6. Here are some pictures! Please don’t consider my ear’s appearance at second picture: I had some piercing in past so it’s not a fault of earring’s weight!
    Not so long, something about 5 centimeters. You can see it in pictures below.

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  7. Thank you!:flowers:
  8. Stunning on you!
  9. Thank you! These are gorgeous on you. I am very tempted. I think they are the perfect length. As my ears have aged, I have to be careful about the weight due to sagging. . Will be in Chicago in a month and these are on my must-see list.
  10. These earrings are gorgeous and go with much of my BV jewelry. VF has a pair on hold for me. Hope to pick them up this afternoon. They will be an early birthday present.
  11. I picked up my earrings today. They are fabulous. Very elegant with lots of sparkle. The weight is perfect. They look heavy but the weight is about the same as my Byzantine CZ drops. I’ll post sone pix after I get my hair cut.
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  12. Thank you, @frenziedhandbag :blush:
    Happy to know:tup: It’s a such elegant and versatile piece, hope you will like it IRL!
  13. Something is going on here...:girlsigh:

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  14. Well, today I have expanded my small jewelry collection. I really loved my earrings, and wanted to add something from the same line, so...here is my Christmas present for myself: Inlay Deco ring!
    I really like this strange style: feminine, but modern and minimalistic, elegant but freaky.
    Here are my reveal and family portrait :angel:

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  15. :woohoo: