Tiny jewelry reveal

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  1. I love their jewelry and this line is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it in person. Love your ring, great choice.
  2. Excellent choice of ring! I really like the designs in this collection. If it were all sterling without the gold accents (I don’t like how gold jewelry looks on my skin), I’d be eyeing multiple pieces.

    Regarding the stacking ring, I’d be tempted to try stacking the rings in different sequences, to see if the comfort improves with a certain order—either that or omit 1 or 2 of the rings from the set. I have a BV all sterling stacking ring set of 4, but I typically only wear 2 or 3 of them at a time, almost never all 4 at once.
  3. Thanks!

    Thank you. I like it even more now, after few days of use. Like to match it with my gold jewelry, it works very good with.
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  4. Thank you! Actually I have discovered it is not only gold/silver, but has also a brunito, gunmetal color part where the ball is attached.
    And regarding the stacking ring: it would be great to separate them and mix and match how do you like, but it’s impossible since they are fastened together...

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  5. Oh, I didn’t realize that they are not separate pieces. Well still, it is a gorgeous piece. I have a ring that fits fine but felt uncomfortable to wear at first, but after wearing it several times a week, every week, I eventually got used to it. Perhaps it would be something you could get used to? But then again, the one you have is very pretty, and I’d totally be content with that one, as well.
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  6. Get these beauties too:blush:

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  7. Love those!
  8. They are beautiful. It’s so easy to get hooked on BV jewelry. Enjoy wearing them.
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  9. oh, sooo cool, edgy yet feminine!!! love them! :loveeyes:
  10. Those are awesome.
  11. Thank you all! I really enjoy it. Here are some pictures!
  12. I like the gold accents on the sides and on the mount, they give a touch of light. The zircon has also a beautiful cut! Amazing piece for collection.
    But in fact I'm also pleased that I got these earrings at auction for a fifth of their price (after fitting them in BV boutique when I bought my ring)
    What can I say? I adore hunting in the resale market!:lol:

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  13. yeeey!! Good saving equals to earning!! :drinks: :lol:
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  14. I love these. Are they lightweight? Would you mind posting a modeling picture?
  15. Super deal!!!