Tiny jewelry reveal

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  1. I was always indifferent to jewelry, especially silver - so I never paid attention to Bottega's collections.
    But yesterday I saw accidentally some curious new pieces on the site so I decided to visit the store and see it in IRL.
    And I found all the Dichotomy collection very nice!
    I like the silver/gold combination and its minimalism, and I fell in love with this ring.
    The ball with intrecciato seems to be a tiny gold artichoke so it makes me smile every time I look at it (I adore artichokes, also!)
    Soooo here it is, ladies: my first BV jewelry piece!

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  2. Congrats. BV jewelry is addictive.
  3. And here are some other pieces of Dichotomy collection that I liked.
    What do you think about them?

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  4. That is a very nice ring and it looks beautiful on you. I had been eyeing this collection as well. The two necklaces were the first ones that caught my eye, followed by the stacked ring as above.
  5. That's quite lovely.
  6. The ring is gorgeous on you! Your photos set it off perfectly. :tup:
  7. Love them all in fact.
  8. oh, lovely!!! :loveeyes: BV! Navona! :heart:
  9. Very addictive! Thank you.

    Thank you!
    That ring is beautiful, but not very comfortable. I like the design, but on the finger this ring seems very thick. Probably it will go better with thinner fingers?


    Thank you Diane!:flowers:

    Right, Navona!:amuse:
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  10. i love this place, been there many times! :heart:
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  11. Oh, that's great to know. Thank you for sharing. This ring is not available in my country and I was contemplating ordering it but comfort is of utmost importance to me. I can safely forget about it then.
  12. Congratulations, that's a gorgeous ad unusual ring
  13. I understand! I hate to, you know, feel the jewelry that I wear, and this ring is definitely uncomfortable. I think it’s because of the small rings that connect the parts of the ring.
    Anyway, glad to help:smile:
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  14. Thank you!
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  15. Congrats! BV jewelry is beautiful