Tiny dog saves baby from rattlesnake

  1. 16 minutes ago

    MASONVILLE, Colo. - Zoey is a Chihuahua, but when a rattlesnake lunged at her owners' 1-year-old grandson, she was a real bulldog.

    Booker West was splashing his hands in a birdbath in his grandparents' northern Colorado back yard when the snake slithered up to the toddler, rattled and struck. Five-pound Zoey jumped in the way and took the bites.
    "She got in between Booker and the snake, and that's when I heard her yipe," Monty Long, the boy's grandfather, said Thursday.
    The dog required treatment and for a time it appeared she might not survive the bites she suffered earlier this month. Now she prances about.
    "These little bitty dogs, they just don't really get credit," Booker's grandma Denise Long told the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald.

  2. God bless that little dog!
  3. What a great story! It's nice to see the little guys getting credit too :smile:
  4. Dogs are some of the most loyal and brave creatures, amazing.
  5. wow, that dog really is a hero!
  6. Wahoo!! Lets hear it for Chihuahaus!!! ;)
  7. OMG, what great story, glad there was a happy ending. I love Chihuahuas.
  8. It's not always the size of the dog that counts. It's the fight in the dog that counts.
  9. My family is especially loving this story because my brother's dog's name is Zoe, and she's super tough.
  10. That is so sweet! Go chis!
  11. I read about this..What a brave little doggy! :yes: I'm so happy that doggy and baby are okay!:heart:
  12. Aaaw, what an awesome dog :smile:
  13. I saw this on MSN. I love chihuahua's!!
  14. Oh, that is a great story and I am happy that the little doggie survived. A happy ending for everyone.