Tiny dark spot on my new stripping bowler handle. return or not?

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  1. Gawd. Tell me if I am so picky. I bought this bag and love this bag but today i saw a tiny (maybe about a size of a rice) dark spot on one of the handles. It's not noticeable unless somebody's looking for it. Just a little imperfection. Should I return it (they dont have another one in stock) or should I just ignore it and enjoy the bag. Gaahh I am so mad at myself for this little problem. Please somebody reassure me that I should just keep it.
  2. If its not noticiable and you got it at a good price I would keep it. I know thats easier said then done, for some reason once you know about an imperfection you keep looking at it:wondering
  3. If you can live with this flaw, keep it. Some of my bags have imperfections due to being used or it just came like that and it did bother me a little bit, but I always think it gives them character, plus it's how you differentiate your bag from other people who carry the same style of bag.
  4. If it really bothers you now and you don't feel it will get better with time you should return it. That said, if you were lucky enough to find it on sale I would keep it. Is it a mark that a cleaner/conditioner can remove?
  5. Thanks guys. I can live with imperfection, it just that I expect when it's a brand new bag, it should be perfect. Yup I know I am asking too much. Yes I got it on sale and I tried to remove it with many different solution. Nothing worked. I guess It's permanent. So the vote is if I got in on sale I should keep it right?
  6. I vote yes, keep it! Is it the large striping bowler that was on sale at elux? I got one too, and it is such a gorgeous bag, isn't it? Keep it!
  7. :p In the end, sale or no sale, you have to be happy with the bag. If you're going to fixate on this (which you have a right to do as you still spent good money on this bag) then I don't think it's worth it.

    However, you sound like you want to keep the bag. If you returned it would you regret it? From your description it seems that no one but you will ever see the dark spot. If it were me I'd probably keep it. Now that you have it at home and can imagine your life with it can you imagine giving it up? My guess is no!
  8. LOL true that! Yes I think no one will notice it unless they have eagle eyes and looking at that certain spot.
  9. yuuuuuuup.... I know it's such a pretty bag. I call the too to see if they have another one in stock soI could exchange but nope. Oh well, I guess I can live with it. It's only a size of a rice anyways.
  10. I once received a bag from Saks that had scratches on it. I complained to the manager of the handbag dept and they gave me an additional discount on the bag. Couldn't hurt to try!

    I'm the kind of gal that wouldn't be too bothered by the black spot. have you tried to clean it off?
  11. did that. Only offered return. I didnt push that hard tho.
    Yep I tried with many different solution, nothing worked.
    I think I might get a knife and peel the spot :nuts: .... yes I think I think I amgonna do it now......

  12. Not a knife!!!
    Have you tried leather cleaner? Or rubbing at it with your fingernail?

    Your poor little bag ... lol, am I going nuts by identifying this much with it? Probably past my bedtime!
  13. How about a pencil eraser? try rubbing the spot with that, but gently!!
  14. The pencil eraser idea is great. I WOULD not take a knife to your bag. If this spot really bugs you, I would return the bag.
  15. keep it. it sounds like its a minor unnoticeable flaw.