Tiny CHANEL dustbags for earrings NEW for 08

  1. I just got this from FedEx (I love to get packaged through the mail). My SA told me they were now doing small dustbags for earrings. I don't remember if he said it was for all jewelry or just for earrings.

    These earrings are from the 08 collection, I'll post my entire haul later, but I just had to share this tiny cute dustbag!

  2. aw there cute!
  3. Ohhh, I just bought a pretty pair the other day from 08C and it came with the adorable dustbag too! :nuts: Haha, I was actually considering those red earrings (would be cute with my Jumbo!) but I bought a different pair instead. :heart:
  4. too too cute- makes me want to buy a pair of earrings just to get the dust bag..lol
  5. WTH I just bought a necklace and a pair of earrings but neither of them came with a dustbag!!! I guess it's because they're from the 07A collection but still...
  6. oh sweetie, show us your pretty pair!! i'm so excited! 08 earrings are already out??
  7. OMG so cute!
  8. hehehe, a baby dustbag! what a cutie!

    and the earrings are sweet as well.
  9. Love your earrings and the tiny dustbag. So cute!!! :tup:

    Sort of sad it took them this long to come out with dustbags for the jewelry. I spent a good bit of money on necklaces and got a pair of earrings and no bags with them, but as mentioned - because they were 07 items.:rolleyes:

    I was sort of taken back the first time I purchased jewelry from Chanel and the box had that foam that looks like sound proofing for a music studio..!?!:wtf:
  10. ^^^ITA! :roflmfao:

  11. Aww, I will! :heart: Just waiting for my reissue to get here and then I'll post them all together! ;) Yeah, the '08 earrings are out!! :nuts: I saw some pretty ones at the Chanel boutique a few days ago, but I have too many in general haha, so I was trying to be good! :p

  12. ITA. I was a bit shocked too when I opened the box and saw the foam.

    I'm disappointed that I didn't get a dustbag with my earrings now. :sad: It's not a HUGE deal, lol, but still.

    Congrats on your new haul OP, more pics!!!
  13. thx for sharing.
    chanel finally have dustbags for her jewelly
  14. I LOVE those earrings.
  15. Sooo cute! cnt wait for more pics...