tiny cat's tiny collection (mostly non-designer)

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  1. I've only really recently gotten into designer bags (though since some don't consider Coach designer, I'm sure a lot of people here will think my collection is too low-end!) but I've always really liked handbags, even if I haven't always had a lot to spend on them. My wallet isn't going to like my new obsession, but hey, if it doesn't like it, I'll get a new one! ;) (And a new bag, a new keychain, a new cellphone charm...)

    Picture 1, from left:

    -random no-name summer bag I got at a little store, good for taking to festivals and other places where it's likely to get tossed around a bit

    -Betsey Johnson leopard print yoga tote: this is my gym bag!

    -Hilarious random print bag that a friend of mine made for me


    Picture 2, clockwise from left:

    -BCBG Max Azria black leather bag with pattern. This is an eBay find and everyone always compliments it.

    -Random Accessorize pink bag

    -Roots sporty summer bag

    -Lululemon gym tote that I bought two years ago and have still never used! :push:


    Picture 3, my first designer goodies (other than the Betsey gym bag):

    -Orla Kiely print shoulder tote, I love it so much! This is my current main bag.

    -Tiny little vintage LV makeup bag that I picked up cheap at a vintage sale and got authenticated by the lovely women in the LV forum

    -My very first Coach bag, a signature demi pouch, which arrived last night! :yahoo: I cannot get over it!


    Looking to buy plenty more Coach soon as I've caught the bug, so watch this space...
  2. love your purple coach....okay, okay....i love your vintage lv even more!
  3. I love the Coach and LV!
  4. Cute collection!
  5. Great collection.
  6. Very cute!
  7. Quite a colourful collection
  8. Very nice :smile:
  9. lovely leopard bag-very nice collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  10. nice collection!
  11. beautiful bags i love your pink coach
  12. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see your growing Coach collection soon.
  13. Very cute bags. I cannot over the LV!! Too cute!!
  14. Love your coach bag- the colors are perfect for spring. Also, when I saw the roots bag, it reminded me that I need to schedule a hair appt!
  15. Mostly here to say your username/subtitle/avatar always warms my heart.

    Nice find on your LV doodad!