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  1. Lash and lip tint?

    Where can I buy some?

    Lash tint is like mascara but thinner and only adds sheer colour that lasts, actually, for a few days.

    Lip tint is usually in a marker-looking container and is transparent, also lasting for a pretty long time.
  2. i got a really good lash tint from the Body Shop, was really cheap but it works a treat.
    Lip tint wise i use the benefit tint... i think its made for cheeks but it works great on my lips, stays a long time too but sometimes can make them dry.
  3. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I got a lip "stain" from Urban Decay that comes in a magic marker shaped applicator. I bought it at Sephora.
  4. I had lash tinting done before where they actually tint your eyelashes and that lasts for a while but I am interested in trying this bath and body works stuff.
  5. I know that neutrogena has last tint, it ca be found at pretty much any drugstore or target/walmart