Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation?

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  1. Does anyone know if there is really any difference between tinted moisturizer to foundation? I am now sold on the tinted moisturizer and just loves it.
  2. tinted mosturizer doesn't provide as much coverage, and tends to look more natural. i prefer tinted moisturize too... my skin color is hard to match, the foundations are usually to dark & orange, or too pink.
  3. I like foundation better cause it gives me more coverage though I don't like a heavy foundation either. Most tinted moisturizer doesn't give enough coverage though I do like Stila Tinted Moisturizer Spf 8. I like to use it for something casual, like running my errands :p.
  4. I use tinted moisturizer w/spf 30 in the summer time and foundation in the winter months. Tinted mstrzr gives less coverage butfeels light, so I FEEL like it's not clogging pores under the summer heat. Foundation definitely gives full coverage, and I prefer to use it in the winter .
  5. I use both--tinted moisturizer for weekends if I'm just casual. And foundation for times when I want more coverage.
  6. I've been reading alot about tinted moisturizers and I think I am going to finally commit to buying one. I suusally wear light foundation during the work wee, but on the weekends I don't like wearing it. I need something though because I have freckles that are pretty prominent.

  7. tinted moisturizer are for my lazy days (basically every day since I have no one to impress at work) and I wear foundation when I go out at night or have an event.
  8. I really like the Laura Mercier tinted moisurizer. There is an oil free version if you are on the oily side. I use this and lightly finish with the Philosophy Supernatural powder foundation in the natural color. The result is a lighter coverage than a heavy foundation, but not as light as the moisturizer alone. I have a few broken capillaries and this covers them.