Tinted Moisturizer & Breakouts?!

  1. I had been using Bare Minerals for the last year or so. Decided to try Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I got the oil free so I thought I would be okay. It really broke my face out. Is that weird??? I'm back using the minerals and my Proactiv again. Yuck:sad:
  2. This happend to me too. It dried out my skin, which made me break out. I applied a moisterizer before hte Laura Mercier and it made a big difference.
  3. Maybe it's just because you tried something new. Why can't you use Proactiv with the LM? :shrugs:
  4. Oh I can. I just stopped using it b/c my face has been completely clear for awhile. Just started breaking out again when I tried the new stuff.
  5. ^ Ohhh I've heard of that happening to a lot of people when they stop using Proactiv. Maybe you should try it with the LM and see what happens. LM is probably better for your skin once it gets used to it...
  6. Use a primer underneath your tinted moisturizer. This keeps things out of your pores, provides SPF and sets the makeup so it lasts longer. You can't go wrong with a little primer.
  7. I had the same problem!! When I started using LM tinted moisturizer and went in for a facial...my facialist said she had never seen my pores so clogged! I dont think the tinted moisturizer is for everyone.
  8. It may be due to the sunscreen in the tinted moisturizer - it's such a double-edged sword, we need the SPF but have to suffer zits to protect ourselves!
  9. i agree w/ unlimitedlou -- i had the same thing happen when i tried to use a tinted moisturizer. i was using neutrogena for oil-free moisture for combo skin and figured that their tinted moisturizer would be okay. nope, i was wrong and i broke out. i know they say to give a new product a few weeks to work, but i couldn't make myself use the tinted moisturizer for much longer after that. i switched back to the oil-free stuff and have been fine ever since. i'm almost 30 and i have been using neutrogena's oil-free moisture since i was, err, 18 maybe?
  10. Tinted moisturizers don't all have the same ingredients. While one may cause breakouts, others may not. If you can wear moisturizer or foundation, even if if it's limited, without a problem/irritation, there's a good chance there's a TM out there that would be ok. I have very acne prone, oily skin and I prefer them over foundation and in general, MMU. Prada and Paula's Choice make an excellent one for me, and if it's the SPF that causes problems, there are TMs with no SPF. I couldn't tolerate Laura Mercier (plus it turned me into an oil slick), as did Stila's and Tarte's. I don't like foundation and because most MMUs have bismuth, I've had the best luck with the look and feel of TMs if it's semi-matte and doesn't contain irritants.
  11. i've used laura mercier oil-free and it didn't break my face out even though i had acne prone skin. i also really like my chanel tinted moisturizer and i think a lot of women on here like it as well. perhaps give that a try?