Tinted Choc/Gold Streaks Petra Preview

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  1. I just got an email from Maria with preview pics of my Petra! :yahoo:She said that "my colleague who took the picture really loved it when she first saw it and so did I!" They are so sweet. I can't believe the level of service I have received through this process, and I can't wait to get the bag so I can send them a big thank you!

    She also mentioned that myself and one other customer were the "first bags to be created from the sale and included in today's shipment to the States." So you ladies waiting on sale bags, they should be coming up next! I ordered mine on July 16/17 (I changed my order, so I am not sure which date it went officially into the line.)

    Anyway, onto the bag! I am very excited. It's a very strong color combo, but I live in the snowy Northeast, so we have long winters and I need a dark bag for grad school and work.


    Tinted Chocolate Leather
    Gold with Streaks Bow
    Red Fabric Interior
    Antique Gold Hardware



    These automatically resize on my comp, please let me know if they are HUGE for anyone. :P

    Bigs thanks to all the ladies who helped me decide what I wanted!
  2. That is simply stunning! I love the combination of the gold streaked leather with tinted chocolate! It's going to be even more beautiful in real life!
  3. This looks GREAT! The bow's contrast just makes the bag!
  4. looks gorgeous, the photos seem to have improved, the colors look more accurate
  5. Thanks ladies!

    I hope the photos are good, Mentha, because as it looks now, I want to eat that chocolate leather. In seriousness though, I am brand new to Ignes and it was tremendously helpful to have so many other pics of this leather to look at on here.

    And ladies, I think I am in real trouble. I am already dreaming about another bag, and I don't even have this one yet. Maybe a Gabrielle.... :thinking: Eek!
  6. Simply Gorgeous! The gold hardware is perfect!

    You will love the tinted chocolate! Great choice!
  7. AMAZING!!! Just stunning. I can't wait for you to get this bag. Tinted chocolate is gorgeous and soft and squshy/comfy, but that tie in the dark gold with streaks looks wonderful with it! I'm getting where I don't mind those vertical straps, they just didn't look good on the first pic of the bag.

    I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!
  8. That is my favorite petra yet! Gorgeous.
  9. Ooh, gorgeous combination! Yep, that tinted chocolate just looks :drool:-worthy. Congrats!
  10. Thank you everyone! I am getting more and more excited the more I look at it.

    On the topic of the straps: I did ask about alterations, and given the choice I would probably have gone with the altered loops that several of you have. However, I am not bothered by the straps one way or the other. I am hoping that since this is a large bag and I am petite, the vertical straps may elongate it visually...or I could be way over thinking this. :P


    Should I be expecting a tracking number? Maria said in her email that it was shipping today, but didn't mention any number. Just curious.
  11. Well, are you in the States? They ship to Michigan, adn this company there then will ship to you. At that point, when it's shipped to you, Ignes should give you a tracking number.
  12. Thanks, Euridice! I am not in a huge rush or anything (well, I mean, I want it right this minute, but...!), I am just glad to know the plan.
  13. Oh my goodnes what a beauty! That tinted chocolate looks pretty true-to-life on my monitor too - delicious! It is one of my favorite leathers they offer. :drool:
  14. Those colors combined together, especially that lovely pop of the bow, is gorgeous!
  15. What a gorgeous creation! I love your color choices. It's very pretty.