Tinsy chanel divas share ur knowledge!!!Chanel alterations

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  1. #1 Apr 29, 2009
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2009
    So i have been looking at previously owned chanel jackets. I saw one size 38 but I am a size Small/0 (not sure in Chanel measurements). I am 5'1'' so clothing needs to be semi fitted or i look like a shlum or overweight haha! Do you girls think that with good alterations i could make a size 38 jacket fit nicely or is it a lost cause???? please those will chanel alteration experience share that much needed knowledge! :graucho:

  2. I also an petite and generally wear 34 in Chanel. I have purchased 36-38 from the boutique and dept stores and gotten RTW altered. For jackets, they usually take in around the sleeves area and at the shoulders. Go to a professional... you would pay a tad more but you would glad that you did.
  3. Does anyone know if the Chanel boutique repair their RTW? I have a Chanel jacket from 2001 and the buttons were badly damaged by the dry-cleaners... (they're black coated metal and the paint were all scrapped off!! :cursing:) The label in the jacket specifically said to protect the buttons but obviously they ignored that....

    There's no boutique near me, only one in the Nordstrom in downtown Seattle... do you think they could help?

  4. I have had this happen to me before in which the button were damaged or misplaced. Chanel goes and checks Paris if the same button is available. For older RTW, it can be difficult to replace with same button. I don't know what Nordstroms would do besides sending it back to Paris as well. HTH
  5. Another idea is to replace all buttons with buttons you like?! I don't know if chanel would sell you buttons on its own.... there are some outstanding ones from recent collections. But I'm sure that you can replace with a style or pattern you like.
  6. Thanks for ur suggestion, Saks4me... I will try to ask them first...
  7. Hi! Is it possible to buy a pre-owned Chanel jacket and send it back to the Chanel boutique for alterations? Or is outside professional tailor the only way to go? Tks!

  8. As long as it is authentic and there is a label intact to prove this as well as other details, it can be done for a fee at a Chanel boutique.