Tink's next project...travelling item...who is in??

  1. Ok, now that the keychain/charms are done and the sunshine committee is well on it's way I am ready for another project...yes, I am quite 'type A', if you couldn't already tell ;)

    Completly pilfered from the hermes board, but a cute idea....

    I was thinking of starting a travelling item...probably my LVoe scarf.

    The idea is send the item in the mail to LV board members and you keep it for a week and take it out on the town and photo it with you or local hotspots, out and about, etc, then you send it on to the next tPF'er.

    Sound fun to anyone???
  2. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun! But I am probably too new of a member to join in, but it will be GREAT to see pics of that!
  3. OMG Tink!!!!!!!!!! I am so in!!! That sounds like so much fun! I adore that idea! You are helping make tPF such an awesome place!
  4. YES! Plz sign me on the list!! Love ur idea Tink! :yahoo: :yes:
  5. great idea!
  6. great idea!!!
  7. Another fabulous idea!!

    Count me in if it comes to England:smile:
  8. That sounds so cute I'd love more details
  9. Aw that would be fun! But I'm so boring and hardly ever go anywhere "fun," it's all school for me. :rolleyes:
    I also have an idea, if you do that, I'm sure others like me don't know all that many cute ways to tie the square scarves on (I like the bandeaus better). So maybe include a little card with the scarf that has some ideas of how to tie it. :smile:
  10. ^^ what a great idea!
  11. I love it!! LOL ...and I did think of the Hermes scarf when I saw the thread title.... it's a good idea for us too!

    If I've meet whatever requirements, the item is welcome to come chill on Maui! :yes:
  12. count me in too (if Im allowed) But I have to warn you, it may be hard to get it back off me once I have it haha :p
  13. Great idea! as always ! :yes:
  14. Oh I'd love to - great idea!!
  15. That sounds like loads of fun. Would love to join in. If I meet the requirements.