Tinks Legacy Collection

  1. I finally got around to taking some pics....Here is part of my Legacy Collection..

    I realized I forgot to include my Wristlet & Ponytail scarf... of course this doesn't include all my non-Legacy items.. (OMG I had no idea how much Coach I really have!!) I really must go on a Ban!!

  2. Wow! Great collection!! It's all gorgeous!
  3. OMG to die for. I have never noticed that light blue one until
    now, Oh my i am going to look for something in that color for spring
  4. You have beautiful bags & accessories. I hope my collection will match yours someday. I am slowly working on building it!
  5. HOLY:drool: Thats great!!
  6. I love that Mini Lily!!! Short of a shoulder bag, I think you have (at least)one of each!! Great collection, Tinks!!
  7. Awesome collection, Tinks! I love your Mini Lily! I hope to add that to my collection next!
  8. very nice - have you not carried your pond satchel - i love her - she is one of my faves.....
  9. Nope.. just got her on Saturday @ the outlets (along w/ the Whiskey satchel & Hippie)... Three 3 bags in one day, plus the mini Lily last week!! I'm sooooo bad!!!
  10. I know... I had the Ali in my hands on Saturday but put it back... I'll probably regret it!
  11. [​IMG]
    Wow! What a beautiful collection!
  12. GORRRRGEOUS!! Love your collection!
  13. Your Legacy Collection is TDF!! :girlsigh: I love EVERYTHING!! I WILL have a POND satchel someday!!
  14. I love your collection! I want that satchel in whiskey!! My outlet only had the black when was there on Friday and I already have it in that color.
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