Tinkerbell Polka Dots Panama

  1. Anyone know the price? I kept looking on the forum and can't find it... I thought it'd be easier to post... Thanks!
  2. 2,300US$ last i heard. 4,600US$ for the bowly. The panama line has been taken off the LV websties. Hmmm/
  3. I was just looking at it on the LV site, its still there :smile:... Thanks for the prices by the way!
  4. There are 2 bags called tinkerbelle this S/S, and I was SOOO dissappointed I didn't like either of them :sad:
  5. There are a few currently on eBay... they are TDF!
  6. I love this bag. I need to get it, cause it's the name of my Yorkie:
  7. im about to die of cute attack!
    i LOVE yorkies!
  8. That's it Kathy... I'm driving down to where you live... she's SOOOO cute!!! :love:
  9. Tinkerbell
    UK Retail £1030
    Measures 2.4" x 7.9" x 11.8"
  10. I love both Panama and buttons Tinkerbell!
  11. That yorkie is adorable!
    No help about the LV tinkerbell!
  12. Sorry this is off topic but your Doggy is absolutely ADORABLE!!!:heart: :smile:
  13. Can't help with the tinkerbelle question either, but that dog is SOOOO cute!
  14. Thanks everybody! Tinkerbell is 12 years old! :nuts: She weighs a little over 2 pounds. John, I'd love to have you come see her. Or I could sneak her in the Galleria sometime. :graucho: lol. Back on topic: I like the one with the buttons the best!!
  15. Thats the same reason I want one my white kitty is named tinkerbell! LOL