Ting, Ting, Ting: Spring NYC meet-up

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Spring Meet-up: Vote for Month

  1. April

  2. May

  3. June

  4. July

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. We're not even a week off from the last meet up and I've gotten a few PMs inquiring about a Spring Meet-up:yahoo:. It's a bit early to start planning, however I would like to get an idea of which month is best.

    please vote on the month (multiple choice is available). As the time gets closer, we'll narrow it down to options for days.

    PS: And I'm all for handing over the reigns if anyone else wants to do the planning or Miss_Q & I can do it again, no problem! It was pretty fun!!
  2. i would totally love to come but any month works for me!
  3. Yay! First vote!

    I'm so sad I missed the last one that I want the next one as soon as possible! So, April! By then, hopefully my eBay shoes will have sold, so I'll put money aside for a purchase. :smile:
  4. Any month for me! Also, I will gladly help organize!
  5. was it you that suggested we do a fancy dinner? That sounds like a plan for sure:tup:
  6. ^^^
    It was. And I can help find space for people to change into fancy clothes, if needed, as well as a good restaurant. :yes:
  7. Any month is good for me. The sooner the better...the end of my ban is in sight!
    I'm not good with planning, but I take direction well, so I'm willing to make any phone calls, reservations etc., to help out.
  8. OMG! My friends already think I'm crazy for meeting up with my "internet" buddies! They will joke on me for years if they find out that I got all dolled up for you gals but ask me if I care! LOL!
  9. My vote is for May. It will *should* be warmer by then. No more bulky coats to lug. :tup:

    You know I'm down to co-plan ;)
  10. I'm not voting because any month is good, with some basic exceptions like not 4th of July weekend. I can also help with anything you guys need in the planning.
  11. Oh wait, Miss Q makes a good point - May would be nice and warm, no need to wear a coat. I like that.

    And I love you for the title of this thread, DC.
  12. #12 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    Count me in. I will definitely make the trip. I love being in NYC during the warm seasons.
  13. tell 'em: don't knock a tPF meet up until you try it!
  14. I am IN. May or June works best for me.

    Hopefully we can pick a date sooner rather than later ... I've got enough miles to cover my flight!!!!
  15. I am in. Any month works for me, but I think May-June would be best since the weather will be ideal.