Tina Tote in Firebird Red

  1. My Tina tote in firebird red finally arrived today :yahoo: . The leather is super, super soft :love: !! The color is definitely not the bright red as shown on the Saks.com site, but I still think it's a beautiful shade of red.
    Picture 011a.jpg
  2. Congrats!I think I like this shade of red much better,it's a great fall shade.
    I saw this bag on the Zappos website yesterday and they did a great job of displaying the bags true color.Enjoy your new bag:smile: .
  3. Very nice, abaglover! What a killer, deep, bloody red...just perfect, not too orangy, not overly loud, but brilliantly rich and lush. Excellent choice, expecially with cooler seasons encroaching. Enjoy 'er well! :supacool:
  4. OMG, that is gorgeous. I can just see me with that and my black suit for work. Wow.
  5. gorgeous bag, love the style of it. congrats!
  6. Beautiful! :smile:
  7. Abaglover, congrats! =)
    Great choice. This shade of red is deep and rich, beautiful!
  8. Thanks, Cat, Sick4Marc, piperlu, thithi, tln and bag.lover!! I was holding my breath when I opened the box because I didn't know what shade of red it would be. There was the bright red at Saks.com, the darkish, washed out shade at Zappos.com, and the dark red at eLuxury.com on the turnlock satchel and the tomato-red on the turnlock bowler also at eLuxury.com. Crazy, huh? I don't think I've ever seen so many different shades of the same color before.
  9. Gorgeous!!! Isnt the leather amazing?! I just got the bowler and wow, the leather is great.

    Your pictures are really making me wish I got the firebird red, the red is gorgeous!!
  10. Pretty!!! Congrats!! What a great way to start the weekend, huh?:yahoo:
  11. Hi mello_yello_jen! Yes, the leather is amazing! I was surprised how buttery soft it is. I have other leather Marc by Marc Jacobs bags and none of them are this soft. I hope Marc Jacobs continue to use this leather on his other MbyMJ bags.

    Thanks, luvpurses24!!
  12. Congratulations! I got the Teri Shopper the other day. Really nicely surprised at how soft and buttery the leather is. Enjoy your new bag.
  13. Congrats. Who is the Tina tote named after?
  14. I was wondering if this would fit over your shoulder?
  15. I have never seen that style. I like it. Congrats!