Tina Fey Back on Weekend Update


Sep 13, 2005
Live from Studio 8H, Tina Fey's back on "Weekend Update."

The new mother and head Saturday Night Live writer is returning to the show Saturday, after taking a brief maternity leave following the Sept. 10 birth of her daughter, Alice.

"I had to get back to work...NBC has me under contract; the baby and I only have a verbal agreement," Fey joked in a statement.

All joking aside, the Mean Girls mastermind does indeed have a hefty contract with the Peacock net. Back in 2003, Fey signed a $4 million agreement with NBC that carries her through the current season.

She and "Weekend Update" coanchor Amy Poehler represent the first all-female team to read the fake news on the weekend staple. In Fey's absence, hefty funnyman Horatio Sanz has been filling her "Update" slot.

Fey's comeback episode will be hosted by Catherine Zeta-Jones, with Franz Ferdinand as the musical guest.

That is a brief maternity leave for someone in front of the camera, but thank God! Horatio Sanz was terrible!