Timing out too quickly

  1. I hope that's the correct wording. I am finding that when I take time writing a post, PF times out on me when I'm ready to post, requiring me to log in again and I've lost my long message.

    Sometimes replies involve a list or a well-thought out response. Today I wrote a medium-length PM and when I hit "submit", the "you are not allowed to do this" or however it's worded pops up. I lost my letter!

    Is there a way around this? It's happened so many times. Maybe I'm just slower than others but how long do we have before we are knocked off, when we stay on the same page for awhile?
  2. You should clear your browser cache and cookies, restart it and relog into the forum. Should work fine then.
  3. Thanks, Vlad! You probably guessed I'm computer-challenged and I didn't know to do that. It's already working better.
  4. Before you hit send, copy it first. If you lose it, you could just log back on and paste it back.
  5. ^^^great idea--I'm really slow when it comes to figuring these things out. Thanks!
  6. Learned this the hard way...LOL! :yes:
  7. me too haha
  8. yeah, i always do the same.
  9. PF sent a message saying that I haven't posted in awhile... and I decided to finally do it and then I got "logged off" and everything erased. Now I know better. :sad: