Timesless Clutch Question rop

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  1. Do you any of you Ladies who have this clutch use it for day time? I have the black cavier. I use it alot for evenings but is it too dressy for the day? :wondering Thanks!
  2. I don't have it, but I am going to get one. I think it all depends on your outfit!
  3. i have the red lamb clutch. I used it for casual too when i was wearing jeans, when i didnt need to be "hands-free".
  4. I would probably not use it as a day bag.
  5. I have the same timeless clutch in black and I hv to say I was very comfortable wearing it for a late brunch!!I's say go for it!!
  6. I also have the Black caviar and have always used it for night events. But not because it won't work for the day, its more a matter of carrying a lot of stuff around during the day and not finding as much use for it.

    However, as mentioned above for like brunch/lunch/coffee, etc it would work beautifully!
  7. Use it daytime all the time.........lunch, breakfast, brunch, etc.......
  8. I have only used mine for nights, but I don't see why you couldn't use it during the day depending on the occasion.
  9. I have the black lamb and I carry mine during daytime too. It also looks great with jeans. I think the bag looks great day or night.