# times switch LV in 1 wk?

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  1. So sorry if this has been asked before.....
    Especially in the winter months, just wondering in one week's time - do you carry 1,2, 3 or more LVs? My latest are the courtney and artsy will be here Wednesday so my answer is 2 a week. I will probably just switch between those and use my 3rd most recent (blue nuit bellevue) in the Spring.
  2. At the moment I'm alternating mostly between my Azur Speedy & Damier Ribera - depends what I'm wearing - (have also used my Mono Viva-Cite a couple of times recently when I preferred to carry a shoulder bag)....now when the weather gets a bit warmer will put the Ribera away over summer and then alternate between Azur Speedy and the "others" (e.g. the coloured ones, Wilshire Blvd in Pomme and Neo-Cabby) :biggrin:
  3. I would guess I switch out purses about 3 times a week, sometimes more if I'm going out with Dh or friends etc. I really try to switch it up a lot so they can all get out! THere are some I only carry for spring summer, so I take some of the more fall/winter bags out of rotation when spring comes. I do my best to use them, otherwise I start to feel like I should be getting rid of some and I hate to do that!!
  4. I think I need to go out more! My going out is kid's basketball games, lacrosse games, dance classes and lots of school events. I need to try to go out more with DH and friends to dress nicely and vary my bags more. LOL!
  5. i switch between 2 right now. one for school and one for weekends.
  6. Absolutely! My Speedy and now the Ribera are my daily staples - but the other bags as well generally go out when we are doing something different away fromo the day to day grind (e.g. out together for a dinner or with friends) - its nice to see the other bags out once in a while and you fall in love with them all again!
  7. I tend to wear one during the week and switch on the weekend. Every not and then I throw in a third for a special event or for shopping/big afternoon out.
  8. Everyday, depending on what I am wearing and what I am doing.
  9. Same here...everyday depending on what im wearing...but i mostly find myself using my black epi speedy and neverfull monogram most of the time..:smile:
  10. I change daily... Sometimes even 2twice a day. Today I think I changed 3 times...lo
  11. 5-7 times per week. i try not to use one bag more than two days in a row. i give them time to rest and for others to be used. :yes:
  12. I wish I could switch a couple times per week but I wear bags based on the weather. Tons of rain and snow where I'm from, so I've been sticking to the 2 Damier bags I own.
  13. I switch it up twice per week on average. I carry one bag during the week for work, then change it on the weekend.
  14. I switch bags almost daily...if I'm lazy, then every 2 days or so :P Depending on my mood, outfits and purpose.
  15. I change daily depending on my outfit. And depending where I am going.