Timelessness of Monogram Macassar and Damier Colbolt

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  1. I'm just about to sell my keepall 60 to fund the purchase of a new keepall, I always found the keepall 60 a bit too big and mine is without a strap also so difficult to carry.

    I'm looking at either Monogram Macassar or Damier Colbolt. However I want my bag to be timeless. I don't want to purchase a product line that LV will discontinue in a few years time like the camouflage.

    So does everyone think that these lines will be around in years to come.

    I don't really want to purchase another monogram as I hate the way the leather gets watermarks and these two look pretty hard wearing, leather wise. I could be swayed to damier ebine at a push I guess.

  2. I have just recently fallin in love with Monogram Madagascar, and I ordered the district MM in the Madagascar. It comes on Monday and I couldn't be more excited. I'm scared to buy anything in Damier Cobalt just yet. I don't know how I feel about it. BUT the keepall in DC is really unique and has straps to make it a backpack, regular keepall, or a crossbody bag.
  3. I have the Mono Macassar Keepall 45 and I love it. It is care free and I feel like it will be a timeless piece. The DC is a beautiful color, but not sure if it is a trendy color for the moment.
  4. The Damier Cobalt is intended to be a regular (not seasonal) and permanent canvas, though depending on sales and LV's product development teams thoughts, certain pieces in any style can be discontinued or introduced. If you want something that will always be recognizable to others as Louis Vuitton, go for the Mono Macassar.
  5. I think if I was in the market for new keepall I'd go with the Colbolt, it is very
    beutiful and unique in my eyes and I want a leather keepall
    on the other hand it is new and you still don't know how long it would be around while the
    Macassar is not going anywhere anytime soon (but I still prefer the damier ptint)
  6. I don't think black and brown is a good combination, so of the two, I would pick colbolt (though I would personally picked DE)
  7. Two very different prints! I think the Monogram Macassar is flashier than the Damier-- but I think is my favorite over the Cobalt.

  8. I too have the Mono Macassar Keepall 45 and I love love love it...timeless and worry free and the black just pops.

  9. I have a graphite 45 and a Macassar 55. The Macassar line uses an untreated black leather that wrinkles and is prone to scuffing. The graphite line uses the same treated leather as the Ebene line. Very resistant to everything. The graphite stays newer looking the longest. Not sure if cobalt has treated leather like graphite or not. Just my input :smile:

  10. I know what you mean about the black! It's my favorite color and I think every time LV introduces a piece with black I'm curious. Even though it was in the men's line I just had to have it. Here's mine ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392063186.364099.jpg
  11. I prefer the Damier Cobalt myself.
  12. I love the look of the Madagascar. Something so elegant about combining canvas and black.
  13. I :drool: over the Macassar line. I want a keepall from that line too!
  14. I'm female and love the keepall Macassar too I will get one Eventually
  15. I would get cobalt for my husband though I think it's gorgeous so is graphite