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Feb 28, 2006
so lately i've been wandering over to balenciaga and just bought my first b-bag (:yahoo:) which i'm super excited about and have been spending a lot of time poring over b-bag colors, leathers, styles, etc... Today I went out and was carrying my red epi jasmin (my first LV love:love: ) and kept getting stopped and complimented on my bag :P . One GUY (very hot, but i'm pretty sure he's gay) commented that he loved my bag and that it was very "trendy." It made me giggle to think of LV as trendy...but it kinda shows that even though some of my firends thinks LV is for older clientele, classic, well made pieces fit in EVERYWHERE, you just need to know how to rock it ;)

anyway, it just re-confirmed that Louis is still my true handbag love, even if I occasionally get distracted by other designers :yes: