Timeless wardrobe pieces to invest in

  1. Hi! I am looking for advice on what pieces of clothing are good "staples" for a timeless wardrobe. Fashion is constantly evolving, which is tons of fun, but it's expensive if you want everything to be high quality. I like to buy a few really nice shirts instead of a lot of shoddy ones.

    So what kinds of clothes should I invest in to be able to wear in the future? Thanks!
  2. A Loro Piano shawl!
  3. Definitely a perfect black pencil skirt and the perfectttt trench coat.
  4. a burberry trench coat. it would never go out of style and it comes handy on a drizzling day.
  5. an array of cashmere sweaters
  6. if you're into labels, i'd suggest...
    -burberry trench
    -anne fontaine or thomas pink shirts
    -ralph lauren or tom ford v-neck cashmere sweaters
    -super sexy dolce dress for special occasions, if that suits you
    -a ysl skirt (pencil, full...pilati does them all well for MANY body types)

    if you aren't into labels, simply look for high quality pieces, which can be found anywhere, not just in insanely priced shops. spend time in nice stores and even try things on, so you have an idea of what to look for when shopping at a less expensive place.

    for basics, look into banana republic and j.crew. both brands are upping the factor when it comes to quality and a good skirt or sweater from them will last you years.

    also, if you have a tailor or seamstress, look into having pieces custom made. i started doing this nearly two years ago and it was the best decision ever. i can choose fabrics, really go over what i want with my seamstress and have things tweaked constantly as the garment is being made. this was especially useful in tops for me, as i'm small, but extremely busty, so it was money well spent in my book.
  7. CHanel Tweed jacket, chanel black dress. =P

    Also Hermes silk scarves. THey have been in fashon for more than 50 years.. CHanel for even longer.

    And oh, stay awayfrom jeans. The jeans fashion evolve so quickly and the base cut and shape is changed every 10 years or so, it's definetly hard to find omething that is timeless when it comes to jeans.
  8. White shirts - long sleeved, puffy sleeves, ruffles down the front, the works! :p

    And also, a pair of killer heels :yes:
  9. White shirts are a heaven sent.
    Black pencil skirts
    An A-line dress
    A good pair of flattering jeans
    A proper and good trench coat
    Scarves (Hermes, Pucci)
    YSL Le Smoking - the look has evolved,but the basic look is still the same. A slim cut suit can be easily jazzed up with a ruffled, fussy shirt.
    Heels always work well
  10. Black Blazer
    Black Pencil Skirt
    Black Trousers
    White Shirt
    Leather Jacket
    Little Black Dress
    Cashmere cardigan
  11. Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas! Now it's time to go shopping lol...
  12. I agree with most posters. A good white button-up shirt, black trousers, a tweed blazer (preferably Chanel), trench coat and killer heels. I'd also throw in a beautiful pair of sunshades and diamond studs.
  13. White button down shirt, everyone is right on it, its a must!!! I also agree a Hermes silk scarf and anything Hermes for that matter!!
  14. A Black pencil skirt -- with an embelished or patterened skirt, people are going to know when you wear it more then a few times. But a simple black pencil skirt that hugs your curves? Nahhh.

    Black dress pants - Ditto.

    The LBD - it works for ever occasion and always looks classy!

    And of course there's more but I'm practically repeating everything the other posters mentioned.

    OH! And you can not forget a pair of black pumps with a stiletto heel. Classic, chic, and sexy.
  15. nice dress slacks
    good cashmere
    black pumps
    nice coat
    trench coat
    a good set of pearls
    a good pair of diamond studs
    brown pumps
    white shirts
    black blazer
    Little black dress
    a good pair of jeans
    1 nice pair of flats/loafers