Timeless tote ( with zipper)

  1. Hello ladies,

    Does the timeless tote with the zipper that sorta looks like a GST, but a lot smaller come in the silver hardware?
    I've only seen it in gold.

    Also, I think I saw a similiar timeless tote with a small silver logo, cavier quilited leather around 2450.00

    Does anyone have pics?

    Which one should I get?

    Is it a good day/night bag?

  2. the timeless tote w/ the zipper does not come in silver only gold. I just purchased mine (& not using because I found one that I like more, so it's just sitting in the box) recently and I had ask the SA.

    The style of the timeless tote is very cute though and versatile.

    the one w/ the silver logo costs more and very evening looking I think.

    You can check out the reference section, there's tons of pics of both styles there.
  3. Thank you.
    Is the timeless tote with the silver chain 2495.00?
  4. Does this bag fit over the shoulder?
  5. I believe it's 1750.00, unless it has gone up??? :wtf:
  6. Yes you can fit the timeless tote over your shoulder easily. I've only seen the silver one with the new chain in red, it was very pretty. I have the black caviar with gold hardware and the black CC on the front. This one is a classic.
  7. Yes, it fits over the shoulder.

    The older version with the gold hardware only is 1750.00

    But the new version, with a silver cc logo and silver hardware is 2495.00
  8. oh my! so the newer version got a big hike in price...
    that's outrageous...
  9. Is this the one you're speaking of?
  10. yes the classic isn't as expensive as the one w/ the silver cc logo.
  11. april's pic. is the new version
    eiffel21-borrowed pic. is the old version

    right ladies?, and I do believe there are both avail.
  12. ah I see.... :smile: Got it.
    So, OK, I have the new version in lambskin. But I've been thinking of getting the old version in caviar...
  13. I just want to add that the beige tote I posted is with silver hardware. I've also seen it in black and red caviar w/ silver. Oh! I almost forgot, black & blue patent w/ silver too! The blue was gorgeous.