Timeless Tote Owners Need Your Input

  1. I'm planning to buy the timeless tote in black caviar i'd like to know how much would fit into the bag and if anyone has the measurements ? im looking for a med size tote... pics would be greatly appreciated :yes: tia
  2. i meant the timeless zipped tote in caviar :smile: are there a lot sizes for this bag ? and the price too :p
  3. I think the classic tote may only come in one size. :confused1: I have one is red, and while it is gorgeous, I'm thinking of returning it. It is a beautiful bag, but I don't like the handle drop of this bag. It fits fairly high under my arm (up against my ribcage). It reminds me of the UPS man carrying a small package under his arm. It would be perfect if it fell a bit lower.

    I haven't used mine, but I think that it fits about the same amount of stuff as a jumbo classic flap, perhaps a wallet, agenda, cell phone, sunglass case, coin purse and a few misc. things inside.

    There are several pics of this bag in the reference library. :yes:
  4. ^^ BTW. I paid $2225 for mine in April.
  5. thank so much j'adore chanel ;) i was hoping for something that could carry more than the jumbo but i find the gst too big for my small frame
  6. I've seen it in three sizes: small (which is mini to me), medium (which seems to be the most possible and easist to find size) and large (the one that I have). I bought mine in the dark beige (sort of a cool khaki/beige shade) for $2900 3 weeks ago. They had it in this size and the medium one side by side. The handle on the large is different from the medium: it is much longer and has the leather that fits over the shoulder w/the chain running down the rest of the way w/the leather woven into it. It holds a LOT. HTH
  7. cjj, do you have a pic?? I may be confused about the size tote you are talking about.
  8. thanks for the info cjj :smile: can you pls post pic of your bag and the measurements tia