Timeless Tote or Petite Shopping Tote

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  1. Ladies - I appeal to your advice again. I'm deciding between the beige with gold HW petite shopping tote or the beige with gold hw timeless tote. I have purchased both of them and can't decide which to keep. I'm just looking for a day time / night time beige bag. Which would you keep?

    If you need pics, let me know
  2. Even though I know what both bags look like, pics would be helpful. Personally, I like the Timeless Tote better.
  3. I like the Timeless Tote because of its zip top.
  4. I like the timeless tote better as well :smile:
  5. I have the M/L flap (black caviar, gold hardware) & have always assumed a beige GST with gold hardware would be my next Chanel. But now that I'm on the cusp of the purchase, I'm finding myself drawn to the Timeless and vintage totes that aren't quite as "structured." I'm still dithering.
  6. PTT for sure. If you just bought it then congrats as I found it difficult to locate one in excellent condition.
  7. PTT is very nice!
  8. ptt for me too!
  9. thank you all so much! i will post photos tomorrow of the PTT and PST but I think after reading your posts, i should keep the PTT.

    btw, I found it at Bergdorfs. They were the only store that carried the beige.
  10. Wait a PTT in Beige??? The light Beige with gold hw???
  11. PTT is a keeper... been longing for it especially in Beige... congratz on your finding!! Can't wait for you photos :smile:
  12. Can't wait to see pics
  13. Looking forward to a Reveal..........:yahoo:
  14. Here is my new bag!! Thank you!!!

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  15. PTT what a beauty!