timeless collection?

  1. anyone has the timeless tote or clutch, whatever it's called, in black
  2. I have it. Mine's the perforated one. It's very nice...heehee...if you are thinking of getting one, get it! You won't regret it. :yes:

  3. Hi takeout box...im sorry i couldnt find your old link regarding the patent timeless, but i pm you regarding the purse..and here are a couple more pics for you to see for the tote...!! hope it helpssss....please let me know if you decide on it?
    DSC01746.jpg DSC01928.jpg
  4. hi kouki,
    tks for the pics....i didn't end up getting it, it's too structured for my liking. the initial picture mislead me into thiniking it being a compltely different bag. tks for ur help