Timeless Clutch

  1. Just FYI, the boutiques and department stores have reordered the timeless clutch and so all of the stores will be getting them back in. Chanel boutiques only ordered them in caviar and lambskin (as before), and I'm told there were going to be new colors although they could not say what the new colors were.

    I know for sure that my Neiman Marcus will be getting the timeless clutch in at least the distressed patent leather so if anyone is interested please call Mariela and get on the waitlist because they are expected to sell fast. She thinks she will get them at the end of January, beginning of February.:yes:
  2. Oh one other thing. There are a few pearl necklaces, same as IMGG posted yesterday available at some of the Saks Chanels. I don't have a style number but they all seem to know which one I was talking about, especially when you confirm the retail price is $695.

    One last thing, for anyone looking for a black quilted medium ultimate soft bag, please ring Michael Sullivan at Nordstrom in Seattle. They have one left in the store.:yes:
  3. Pics borrowed from tPF members:

    Navy patent timeless clutch:


    This is Tammy's pick - you can see the black caviar timeless clutch AND the pearl necklace referenced above:

  4. Here it is in violet caviar:

  5. wow, smooth!! you are THE BOMB! :supacool:
    thanks for posting all this info, even though there's no way i can get any of those items right now, lol!
  6. All of those clutches are beautiful. I'd get one but I never ever really go out any place special enough to carry one. Going out for me, is like going to the mall or the movies. I need to get a night-life. :smile:
  7. ^^I'm with you Kirsten but I still want the clutch!! Smooth I am so glad you found it!!
  8. Thanks Stacy.:smile:
  9. PF gals are like bloodhounds tracking down what we get our hearts set on!:roflmfao:
  10. ^ you live in the OC and you dont have a night life...shame on you :p
  11. ^That is exactly why! There is nothing to do here. It’s not as happening as TV makes it out to be. If you want to go out, you drive to LA. :smile:
  12. You mean you don't "hang" with Jo De La Rosa?:party: LOL!
  13. Just once a week. :p We go and get hammered.., I mean get cocktails at the Chart House.

    I actually had to google her because I didn't know who she was. :confused1: Her myspace profile showed up, or it might be a fake. I watched that show though. For some reason I watch all the shows on OC.
  14. You should get one! I don't go anywhere exciting either, but I love the clutch.