Timeless Clutch

  1. I wanted to know is this a grey or a blue clutch...its absolutely divine and Im going insane over it.
    Im also looking for a red timeless clutch...I dont have a pic though.
    Can anyone please give me the style number/colour code for these two and has anyone seen them at all?
    Thank you so much xx
  2. Not sure about the style numbers, try doing a search.

    I'm fairly sure that's the grey, as someone posted pics before and the grey does give off that light blue-tone. :yes:
  3. I think it s the grey too.
  4. That clutch is from a previous season so I doubt you'll find it in stores. I have seen red clutches in several Saks.
  5. I've seen red in Saks too.
  6. Could it be blue fonce, which is a mix of blue and grey?
  7. Has anyone seen the this grey blue?
    Swanky do you know what this colour is please?
  8. Anyone please?
  9. I think I saw the red timeless clutch at the nyc Saks. Give them a call!
  10. austin NM has a blue perforated that looks like the very first picture. i was very tempted to pick it up but it had some slight glue on the top near the clasp and had a piece of thread that was hanging out. the SA assured me that the thread would not pull. they also had a coral perforated clutch as well.
  11. You know, I feel like I saw that gorgeous thing on ebay not long ago. hmmm...
  12. So no style number for the blue/grey one? is it blue or grey?