Timeless clutch - which one?

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Which leather/material Timeless Clutch?

  1. Lambskin

  2. Caviar

  3. Silk

  4. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am about to purchase the timeless clutch, but I am torn as to which leather or material to get...

    Which do you have or will buy?

    Any tips?

  2. I have the black caviar and I adore it! Several of my friends ran out and purchased the same color/texture right after I did because they fell in love with its elegance and beauty.

    I have several lambskin Chanels, however I purchased this in Caviar because I just liked the texture for an evening clutch and handling the clutch I figured the lamb would be too delicate. With bags, we hold them mainly by the straps, so the body isn't handled as much IMO. I think lamb is just as beautiful, so you definitely can't go wrong.

    Can't wait to see what you choose! :smile:
  3. I like it in caviar.
  4. Caviar def!
  5. I have it in black patent and love it.
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Good point Bentley1 I have several lambskin flap bags and one of them has already lost its shape so caviar will definitely be a better choice for a clutch!

    habanerita I didn't even realise that the clutch came in the patent... my SA only told me that they only come in lambskin, caviar and silk... do you know if the patent is just a seasonal item or part of the permanent range?
  7. I don't know if it is seasonal or is alway available..........you might also love the dark silver clutch.......or the python patent ones,.those are no longer in production but come up on resellers sites once in a while..........
  8. Go for the caviar. I have one as well and use it often. Loves it!
  9. caviar for sure!!!
  10. caviar!!!
  11. either patent or caviar. both are gorgeous!
  12. Caviar, no fingerprints no scratches!
  13. I have the lamb and I LOVE it. I think the points about the caviar being better for wear are absolutely on point (which is why I bot my flaps in caviar), but I dont' use my clutch as a casual/daily bag and I love the elegance of the lamb. Either are beautiful - but my preference is the lamb.
  14. Another vote for caviar
  15. I voted for caviar since its handheld.